Plastic Cups

Available with and without lids, Novel Tees’ range of custom plastic cups make fantastic giveaways and corporate gifts. Their attractive designs ensure that the cups will be kept and used over and over again.

Whether you need cups with lids to prevent drink spillages at a sporting event or you want to serve a signature cocktail at your celebration, promotional plastic cups are the perfect solution. They are also an incredibly versatile option that can be valid for a number of applications.

Extensive Range

Choose from a wide variety of plastic cups – including tumblers, stadium, double-walled and mason jars – ensuring that you find the perfect match for your business, your clientele and the event in question.


Our cups are available in an array of colours, shapes, sizes and styles to ensure that the requirements of your event at met. Your logo or marketing message can also be printed or engraved onto the side for maximum visibility.

Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality materials in the manufacture of these cups – including acrylonitrile styrene, acrylic and triton to ensure longevity. All of the plastics we use are BPA free for maximum health benefits.


  • How many of these cups do I have to order?
    The minimum order for wholesale plastic cups ranges from as few as 50 to as many as 250 units. This ensures that you can purchase as many items as are required for your event. Any leftovers can be set aside for a later date, otherwise they make great giveaways.