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Whether you’re constantly on the go, you enjoy playing sport or you don’t have the luxury of leaving your desk whenever you’re thirsty, promotional bottles could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. We have an extensive range of personalised drink bottles to choose from, including: plastic, glass and metal. We also supply bottled water, plastic cups and protein shakers – no matter what your needs are, we are sure to have them covered!

Plastic Bottles

The most popular choice due to their durability and potential for customisation, promotional plastic bottles are a fantastic addition to your marketing campaign if you really want to stand out from the crowd – simply add your corporate logo and branding. Not only are drink bottles the sort of item that everyone is likely to use at some point, they encourage us to drink more water and are far more environmentally friendly than buying pre-bottled water.

Metal Bottles

When durability is most important, you cannot beat our promotional metal bottles. Made from stainless steel or aluminium, rest assured that these bottles will withstand the test of time – plus any wear or tear that you can throw at them. Whether they roll around in the foot wells of your car, your gym bag or they go to school with the kids, rest assured that they will come back at the end of the day in one piece.

Glass Bottles

Although previously avoided for their fragility, promotional glass bottles are becoming an increasingly popular option amongst those looking to make a classy or sophisticated statement. A highly environmentally friendly choice, these bottles are suitable for keeping in the fridge to ensure that you always have access to cold water or even placing on your desk. We don’t generally recommend heading to the gym with them, as they are still breakable.

Protein Shakers

When you’re serious about your workout, you probably take protein as a part of your preparation or wind down. Promotional protein shaker bottles provide you with a convenient way of mixing together the drink – simply fill with water, add the protein when you’re ready, shake and drink. The fact that they have a lid means they can be carried around in your gym bag or left in the car, ensuring that it’s ready whenever and wherever you are.

Bottled Water

There are many situations in which you might want to offer pre-filled bottles of water, from sporting events to festivals and concerts. Our promotional bottled water will fit the bill perfectly – from our teeny 250ml varieties (perfect for children) to our generous 600ml ones, rest assured that the thirst of your clientele will be quenched. Add your corporate logo or marketing message to the label and it becomes a fantastic advertising tool, too.


There are some situations where a cup (with or without a lid) will be preferable to a bottle. Perhaps you need something to serve beverages in at a sporting event or you’re hosting a celebration and want to serve a signature cocktail. No matter the situation, we have promotional drinkware to match. From tumblers and mason jars to double-walled and stadium cups, we are sure to have something that meets all of your requirements.

As your health is important to us, all of the promotional drink bottles in our range are completely BPA free. Research has suggested the BPA can leech into our food and beverages from plastic containers – and it has many possible health effects, particularly amongst foetuses, infants and children.

Custom bottles can also be incredibly convenient – when used in the office, you will find that employees spend more time at their desks; when used on the commute, you will find that you won’t have to stop to purchase a drink when you become thirsty; the list goes on and on!

Finally, all of the printed bottles in our range can be customised with your branding to ensure that you receive the exposure that you desire. From your corporate logo to a clever marketing message, you even have the option of choosing colours that reflect your brand.

Areas We Service

Novel Tees and Promo Bottles Australia has been providing clients around the country with quality personalised drink bottles in every material and style imaginable for more than 16 years now. We ship to all major city and regional locations, including: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide to name a few. Please contact us for a quote on shipping to your location.