21 December 2016

How Promotional Metal Bottles Can Help To Ensure Repetition

by Dave

In order for any brand to be recognised instantly just from its logo, it needs repetition. The more impressions a brand receives, the more likely it is to be recognised down the track. Repetition can actually be achieved by giving away promotional products with the brand’s logo or name on them. Among the most affordable and easy to carry products are promotional metal bottles.

But how do these bottles help to ensure repetition?

  • Something recipients are likely to use
    These days, we’re all concerned with our health and ensure that we drink plenty of water over the course of the day.  A bottle is a far more convenient way of enjoying water than a glass, as it holds more (meaning you need to fill it up less) and you can take it with you. As such, these sorts of items are likely to be used frequently.
  • Something recipients are likely to display
    As a bottle is something that will be constantly in use, it also means that it’s likely to be on display frequently. This grows the number of impressions to also include anyone who comes in contact with the recipient. Whenever they raise the bottle to their lips or place it on a table, the brand logo or name will be visible to all.
  • Something likely to last for many years
    As bottles are completely reusable, you’ll find that they’re likely to last for many years before needing to be thrown away. The bonus of using metal is that it’s an incredibly durable material, which means it’s likely to last longer than other options (such as plastic and glass). This means that you’re getting more impressions for a lower cost.
  • Something that suits all ages and genders
    There is no age or gender assigned to bottles, which means that everyone can make use of them. Men and women, adults and children, young and old – even if the person who originally receives the bottle has no use for it, they’re likely to know someone who does. This also means that you can use a single promotional item for your whole audience.


As you can see, promotional metal bottles can help to ensure repetition of your brand in a number of ways. This makes them quite a valuable tool for your marketing arsenal, as you’re likely to get a considerable number of impressions for very little outlay. Just ensure that you’ve thought carefully about your brand name and logo to ensure that it is easily memorable.