17 September 2018

Personalised Drink Bottles Boost Sport and Leisure Marketing Campaigns

by Dave

Are you in the health and fitness industry? You don’t have to be a PT to take advantage of personalised drink bottles. They can be a great advertising tool for any business, especially if your current campaign is focused around physical activity or mental health – after all, we all know how important water is for your day to day health and wellbeing. A tried and true method of advertising, handing out bottles with your company details is a great way to ensure your clients remember your business and your campaign. But why?

  1. Reach your Audience
    What’s the best thing about water bottles? Everyone can use them. From the healthiest of health nuts to the mum trying to get her kids to school, everyone loves drinking water on the go. This means the recipients of your bottles are almost guaranteed to use them, no matter what you’re advertising. However, they can be especially important in the health and fitness industry, as you’re not only getting exposure, you’re being noticed by the people that you’re trying to target. If you’re promoting a sport or leisure campaign, then giving away bottles to people in that industry or with those interests ensures you’re spending your advertising money where it matters.
  2. Ease of Use
    In your haste to provide your customers with a product they need, make sure you take the time to ensure its usable. That’s one of the great things about – they are designed to be used even when you’re not paying attention. With lids that stop any spills, you won’t have to worry about knocking them over at gym, errant balls at sporting games, or clumsy joggers tripping over them. In fact, they can be used anywhere, at any time, to ensure your customers stay hydrated no matter what activities they do in their spare time.
  3. Healthy Option
    If your current campaign is focused around health and fitness, then you want your marketing material to support your potential customers to be healthy as well! Carrying a water bottle on you will actually encourage the users to drink more water than they usually would, as they will have access to a drink bottle whenever the thought crosses their minds. You can rest assured that all our bottles are completely safe to use – all BPA free to ensure no chemicals are leaching into your drinking water, and there is shatter resistant Sili glass available as well!
  4. Reusable
    The best advertising tools are the ones that will give your brand maximum exposure for the longest amount of time. Personalised drink bottles do just that. Every time your clients refill their bottle, they will think of your company – and this doesn’t just happen once, but time and time again! On top of that, wherever they bring their bottles, they are taking your brand with them. If they take it to gym, to a sporting match, and out to lunch, they are showing off your logo to potentially dozens of people, all in the space of a few hours.

It’s clear that using a personalised drink bottle are a great tool for any business, and even more so for businesses how are targeting the health and fitness industries. With the right design, your brand will get excellent exposure now and well into the future. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.