22 August 2018

Printed Plastic Bottles Are the Best Giveaway for Outdoor Events

by Dave

How many times have you been out and about and suddenly found yourself very thirsty – but without a drink bottle? This can be incredibly annoying, but it’s even worse if it happens while you’re playing sport or you’re at an outdoor event! Here, when you need some water, there is often nowhere for you to get any. That’s what makes printed plastic bottles such a great giveaway! So many people will need a drink, and it makes a great keepsake after a fun event.


Easy to Use
If you’re giving away printed bottles to people who are on the go, you want to make sure they are easy to use. At outdoor events, people could be doing anything from running and exercising, to sitting and relaxing in the sun. It wouldn’t make sense to expect these people to stop and toast with a fragile glass of wine. Instead, water bottles are the perfect option. Their lids stop spills – you can shop our range to find a style you’re comfortable with – and their durable design and material mean you don’t have to worry about them breaking before the event is over!


Healthy Lifestyle
The good thing about outdoor events is that the encourage a healthier lifestyle. Getting off the couch and out and about is great, no matter what the event is celebrating. If you want to support this and hand out a promotional giveaway in the same vein, then printed plastic bottles are perfect. There is just something about a drink bottle that says, ‘take me with you on your walk’. They’re ideal for sports lovers and anyone who’s constantly on the go – you may even inspire someone to become more active.


Use it Again
The ideal marketing tool isn’t a one-time item. It should be used over and over again – which is why branded bottles make such a good choice. People should be drinking two litres of water a day, so you know your drink bottle will come in handy. It also means you’ll be getting more brand exposure, as every day when they look down to take a sip from their drink, they’ll see your logo and business name.


Completely Customisable 
If you want something that people will easily identify with your brand, then these could be the perfect choice. You’ll be able to pick from a huge range of colour schemes and styles to find one that suits your business. Then, add your logo and company name – and even your contact details if you have room – and your brand will be the first that comes to mind when people next need your services.


If you’re hosting or attending an outdoor event, and you’re trying to decide what you should offer as a giveaway, then Novel Tees has the answer. Printed plastic bottles are a great way to get exposure for your brand. Because they’re reusable, they’ll be used well after the celebrations have finished.